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Exceptional Properties

Persons seeking exceptional properties can choose from the most seasoned agents in any market. Every realtor wants to work with higher priced properties.   

EBAs are typically among the most experienced in their market, although typically they do not work in the largest firms which project the perception of market reach. As you may be aware, EBA will show you all exclusive listings of all area Realtors, as well as seek out off-market homes.   Ironically because they are not in competition with listing agents for listings leads, traditional realtors can share more confidential lead information with an EBA than with another traditional real estate agent.   This means that the EBA can possibly locate more property for a client than the largest listing firm in the market.   

The added value of using and EBA is particularly evident in higher price ranges, where greater investment is as stake.   This is why it is not unusual for he highest level officials of relocating corporations to dismiss the referrals of their relocation companies (typically to the larger dual service firms) and personally go directly to an EBA instead.  

If you are considering a high-end purchase, we respectfully suggest you permit yourself an interview with an EBA, and evaluate them first hand.  Then decide what is best for you.