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RELOCATION RIGHTS...FREE CHOICE OF AGENT does not use OEPR (Obligatory Employee Penalty Referrals).  Some relocation companies threaten to reduce benefits to employees should the use agents other than those they referred.  We have long considered this an anti-employee practice.  It has recently become widely recognized as such, with actual penalties against employees  rare.    Intimidation of the employee in their vulnerable situation however,  is unfortunately not so rare.

 It has become regarded as unethical to demand or interfere with the freedom of the employee to make this choice, although the employee may be intimidated by the relo company.   It is money lost to the relo company.   They will sometimes inform an employee that they will be financially penalized, only to "waive" the penalty should the employee call the bluff.   As the employee is not a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder, enforcement of such a policy is anti-employee, and few corporations wish to be associated with that (once the have come to recognize it).  The corporation  wants a happy employee, and that is typically the bottom line. 

A substantial movement from within the relo industry itself, has recently rejected the former habit of attempting to strong-arm employees into using specified Realtors; however, old habits continue. referrals are never mandatory.   Nor do we insinuate that they are.  We want you to use the agents we refer to you, but only because you agree the are good, and using them is to your benefit.   Therefore, they are offered without obligation.    

Choose the agent that is best for you.